My name is Kristi, and this is my blog! Fear of failure and rejection has slowed me down too much in my life. It’s kept me from trying things I’ve considered for months and years, (like sharing my writing with others), and I want to push past that and prove to myself and others that going out there and living isn’t always about achieving a certain result or having enough followers or “likes.” A lot of the time it’s just about living because being able to do that is an incredible gift. Yes, failure is possible and inevitable because I have weaknesses and shortcomings; BUT in the scheme of things I believe there is something greater to life than material success and I want to seek that. As I’m entering a new chapter of life as a working young adult, I’m hoping this can be a place where I can share and process what I’m experiencing and what I’m learning about the world along the way. I also want it to be a tool to keep myself accountable for embracing life, taking risks, letting people in, and striving for continued growth. My friends know I love to tell stories (read: long-winded ones) and love even more to make people smile and laugh, and this is my way of doing that now that I’ve graduated from my familiar communities where I used to share life in front of groups of people regularly. I mean for this to be a welcoming place where brokenness is assumed and accepted, where vulnerability can lead to trust and healing. Hopefully this blog will mature and change as I do. Welcome!